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Liturgical Family Spring Wall Planner April-June 2023
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Liturgical Family Spring Wall Planner April-June 2023

Liturgical Family Spring Wall Planner April-June 2023

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The Next Best Tool

I'm always looking for the next best tool to organize! THIS IS IT and so much more. Catholic Concepts does it AGAIN!

NM Catholic Mom

This calendar is amazing! I like that it has the feast days, so I can plan a special dessert or include a different prayer at night. I just keeps all our info in one place, which with our son starting school puts more events and things on the calendar! It’s easy to do the shopping with the built in list, and reminds us to pray for all those we said we would because we see it front and center! Absolute must for organization in a Catholic way!

Love this calendar

I love using this calendar. The blocks are large enough to write legibly and I really like the Catholic elements through out. It didn’t fit on my old French door refrigerator so I was excited when we replaced it and I could start ordering this wall planner!


Kids are 10,8, 4, 2 and 1 on the way. It helps us communicate the week As it’s getting harder to keep up. Also easy way to chat about the gospel and put Gods plan at the center of our week. Thank you!!

Soooo good!

Most functional calendar ever! Love it!

Unable to use

I received an Oct-December calendar a week into December which was frustrating

Hi Ashleigh!
We apologize for the mistake! Please email and we will get you the correct calendar sent out right away!

Incredibly useful tool

My husband and I have really loved the simplicity and intentionality this calendar has brought to our family life. Thankful for this product and the chance to test it out during their $1 promo. It gave us the confidence to become subscribers!

Excellent resource, a little pricey

I love the Live Liturgically calendar--it's big, easy to use, well laid out, and beautiful. The only drawback is the price point--about $13 a month is a lot to commit to something, especially on a tight teacher budget. Perhaps printing it double sided would make it cheaper?

Reignited family meetings!

So even my son ,16 years, has said "That is an awesome calendar!" Helped us stay together on the same page. And with planning for upcoming Saints days, we have brought meaning to dessert night again! Thank you!

Liturgical Family Wall Planner Oct-Dec 2022

Great for elementary and tween families

As my kids continued to grow, they became increasingly interested in our daily schedule, which my husband and I keep electronically. Without phones, they didn't have access to it. This calendar was a great solution for all of us, as it allows them to review the calendar and also has all the important liturgical aspects too.

Lovely Calendar!

The Live Liturgically calendar has been so great for my husband and I as we navigate life with two babes. It has presented us opportunities to communicate more by discussing calendar events, special intentions, and things we are grateful for. I especially love the meal planning aspect of the calendar. It is so helpful (not just for planning purposes, but for the budget too!) to know at the beginning of the week how all our meals will go and what they will be. I also love that I am reminded each day, by the quote from the weekly Gospel reading and saint feast days, to strive for holiness. I’m very grateful to have found this calendar that works for my family

It's ok

It's ok, but a lot more basic than I expected. For the price I was hoping for more or at least a better design

Liturgical Family Wall Planner Oct-Dec 2022

Love it!

I was skeptical at first, but now that we have started using it, I love it. I especially love the tweaks made to the Oct-Dec calendar. Having two Sundays on each week is wonderful! I also like the extra room for the grocery list!



Just the right balance

I have used many a planner and/or calendar over the years. It’s always been a struggle to find one that has the right balance between simplicity and thoroughness. So many were either bare bones without the important faith aspects, or so overly complicated with so much info that I got overwhelmed and just ignored most of it. This one is just right: all the things I like to keep track of without being so detailed that I get lost in trying to fill it out every week.

Liturgical calendar

so far, i am adjusting to a new schedule. the calendar resets my week so it starts on Sunday—this immediately gets me to put God first. i have to adjust so that i am not putting my schedule in 3 different places, which will be an ongoing process. it cannot hold all of the family’s daily obligations, but will hold our appointment obligations and keep them front and center! Overall, i am pleased with the product!

Absolutely nailed it!

My husband and I have been searching for a way to keep our family in sync, and the calendar is everything we were looking for. Able to be hung in a very visible place, plus the perfect places to write out the week’s plans (meal planning? Yes please!).

Absolutely nailed it. Can’t wait to see how much this helps our family, and so many others.

Hoping this helps!

On second week using the planner and I really like it! Love how it is very simple, but also has everything I need in a family planner all in one spot. I have struggled with wanting to do more to celebrate feast days, but never seem to realize it’s a a feast day until the last minute. Hoping this helps!

Feast Days

I love looking at our weekly planner and knowing what feast days are coming up so we can integrate the life of the Church into our family more seamlessly.

Intention, communication, peace

Making this planning a priority has brought so much more intention to our weeks, better communication in our marriage and more peace in our home!


Sat down last night to work through our week using the calendar. Wow. It was the most intentional we've honestly been together in weeks!