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Live Liturgically presents

- Liturgical Family -
Wall Planner

Order your chaos within
the rhythms of the Church

Bring Rhythm Into Your Home

At Live Liturgically, we understand the chaos of family life and blend the beauty of the liturgical seasons with the tempo of families. There are rhythms in the Church, and we believe that by more closely following those rhythms with our decisions in our homes, we can more sustainably care for our families and communities.

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Liturgical Family Wall Planner

A 3 month wall planner that blends the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church with the weekly and daily needs of families.

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Our Flagship product

This is just what you need to live family life with intention! See what 3 months using this weekly planner does for your family.

Subscription model. Sign up once. Get new wall planners every 3 months! If it doesn't work for your family, cancel your subscription at any time! No fee for canceling. FREE Shipping!



Just the Right Balance

"I have used many a planner and/or calendar over the years. It’s always been a struggle to find one that has the right balance between simplicity and thoroughness. So many were either bare bones without the important faith aspects, or so overly complicated with so much info that I got overwhelmed and just ignored most of it. This one is just right: all the things I like to keep track of without being so detailed that I get lost in trying to fill it out every week."


Absolute must for organization in a Catholic way!

"This calendar is amazing! I like that it has the feast days, so I can plan a special dessert or include a different prayer at night. I just keeps all our info in one place, which with our son starting school puts more events and things on the calendar! It’s easy to do the shopping with the built in list, and reminds us to pray for all those we said we would because we see it front and center! Absolute must for organization in a Catholic way!"


Absolutely nailed it!

"My husband and I have been searching for a way to keep our family in sync, and the calendar is everything we were looking for. Able to be hung in a very visible place, plus the perfect places to write out the week’s plans (meal planning? Yes please!).Absolutely nailed it. Can’t wait to see how much this helps our family, and so many others."


Hoping this helps!

“On second week using the planner and I really like it! Love how it is very simple, but also has everything I need in a family planner all in one spot. I have struggled with wanting to do more to celebrate feast days, but never seem to realize it’s a a feast day until the last minute. Hoping this helps!”



"Sat down last night to work through our week using the calendar. Wow. It was the most intentional we've honestly been together in weeks!"

Claire S.

“When you bring order into your life your time will multiply, and then you will be able to give God more glory by working more in His service.”

St. Josemaria Escriva

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