"You can see how helpful this is going to be for us moms! Right?!" - Jeannie Gaffigan

"Live Liturgically is a family-focused brand, it's been born out of a demand for resources to live a more sustainable and holy rhythm because we are all so busy and it's hard for us to really be intentional in our faith when our family life gets really crazy.

So one of the things I want to point out here is that there’s this really great quote from the gospel at the beginning of the week and also you can make a little gratitude list. This is all what I’m about here. Instead of just making your to-do list, what’s your gratitude list?

Get yourself one of these great Liturgical Living Wall Planners. Because I’m telling you it’s going to help your communication with your family, with your marriage, and you are going to know what Mass you’re going to before you’re late!"

- Jeannie Gaffigan

October-December 2022


See the difference it makes in your family and your marriage.